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Betonest Runway



The Betonest Runway was co-organized and hosted by Dani Tardif and Anthony Hussein at the betOnest Residency (2019), in Stölpe, Germany.

Participants had an hour to inspire themselves from the dystopian atmosphere of this gigantesque abandoned cement factory to create a costume for themselves and prepare a performance.

Participants were invited to inspire themselves from the black and latinx LGBTQ pioneers of the Ballroom scene in New York in order to create an outfit that would embody the spirit of their gender at the moment, in this beton place.


They were then invited to walk on the remnant of this cement factory, to create an encounter between the queers & the ghosts of the german beton workers that still inhabits the place.

a work of gender research, acceptance and empowerment.


dani the MC. photo by Elena Hogan


co-hosted with Berliner's artist Anthony Hussein


some of the participants, from left to right :Flo Razoux (Berlin), Katie Lee Dunbar (Berlin), Suzie (Montreal), Jenny Lee Craig (Vancouver)

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